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Want to support my work and get neat art and other goodies every month for as little as $1 per month? Support me on Patreon at

Yes, I AM open for commissions! Note me with your ideas and requests! Specializing in making vague ideas turn into very real art :)

No, I do not hunt these animals myself. Most of what I work with is recycled or reclaimed in some manner; as I have done since 1998, I ritually purify everything I make as part of my spiritual practice, and I donate part of the proceeds to nonprofit groups that benefit wildlife and their habitats.

I'm an artist, nonfic author, and wannabe polymath living in Portland, OR. I'm a pagan and amateur naturalist, geeky, and outdoorsy. I make stuff out of animal remains, beads, and other such things as part of my spiritual practice (and FWIW, I am 100% European mutt, so none of my work can be considered Native American). I'm also entirely self-taught; I took a few art classes in high school and college, but they were really basic and dealt more with traditional media like painting and drawing.

I sell most of what I make; if you're interested in what's currently available, please wander over to (you can also find my books on pagan and nature spirituality topics there, too!)

I created :iconnothingbuttails:.

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Current Residence: Portland, OR
Personal Quote: Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Hi, folks! 

So earlier this week I did the layout on one of the cards (the Magician, if you’re curious) and then sent it to the printer’s tech support to make sure I had all the specs right. And it turns out that I got it right the first time--woohoo!

So I’m going to continue laying out the files for the cards over the next few weeks. I did two more last night, the King of Wands and the Empress. It took longer than anticipated because I realized partway into it that I had no plan for making sure the text on all the cards was aligned. See, this isn’t like most tarot decks where all the artworks are the same dimensions. Because I created my assemblages using a variety of thrift store items as backboards--old cutting boards, half-painted canvases, pieces of plywood, etc.--each one has unique dimensions, ranging from about four inches by six inches to thirty inches by forty-eight inches. 

This means that I have to trim the photos of each assemblage carefully to fit the template, and the trims aren’t even all the same dimensions. This is why I also had the photographer take photos of some neat backgrounds, like pieces of leather and old weathered wood, to put behind the assemblage trims and fill out the rest of the card. There won’t be white borders on the cards, so these backgrounds will go all the way to the edges. 

Anyway, back to the text. After some fussing and redoing card designs, I ended up with measurements of where I wanted to have the text on each card. For the Major Arcana the number of the card (for example 0) is at the top of the card, while the name (in this case Fool) is at the bottom. And for the Minors the top would have the number or name (2 or King, for example) while the bottom has the suit (Pentacles, etc.) It satisfies my need for visual balance and makes it very clear which card is which. (Thanks to M.O. for the help with figuring out how to make guides in the GIMP template I’m using!)

With a little more time and practice I’ll be able to turn out more than two cards a night. And I’ll be able to put more time into layout each day once I get rent and bills for the next couple weeks squared away (remember, I’m not using any of the remaining IndieGoGo money for living expenses, it’s all going into printing and shipping costs.) 

I am not going to show any of the card layouts online until the deck is complete and off to the printers, because it’s likely I’ll need to tweak designs as I go along and I don’t want to have to keep updating what’s online. But I’m planning on giving an update about once a week on what cards I’ve completed so y’all can keep track. Cheers :)

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I watch you on here and I know you are a great taxidermist so I was wondering if you could help me out...…
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