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I Am Open for Custom Work!

Over the years I have been asked to create a variety of custom pieces. These have ranged everywhere from wall hangings unique to the buyer to one of a kind leather and fur pouches, and then some! Plus further down the page you'll see some projects that I can pretty easily customize. Here are a few things to keep in mind when requesting custom work:

What do I want (pouch, bone knife, antler runes/ogam, etc?)
How much do I want to pay? (This is VERY important, as it gives me an idea of how elaborate I can get and what sort of materials I can use. Also, I can suggest certain options for slightly higher or lower price brackets.)
What do I want it made of?
What size do I want the project to be?
What colors do I want incorporated?
What other decorations do I want?
Is there a particular theme/animal/etc. I want?
Do I have a particular timeframe or deadline I need this by?

If interested, please feel free to note me! More information on custom work can be found here:…


United States
Yes, I AM open for commissions! Note me with your ideas and requests! Specializing in making vague ideas turn into very real art :)

No, I do not hunt these animals myself. Most of what I work with is recycled or reclaimed in some manner; I ritually purify everything I make as part of my neoshamanic practice, and I donate part of the proceeds to nonprofit groups that benefit wildlife and their habitats.

I'm an artist, nonfic author, and wannabe polymath living in Portland, OR. I'm a neoshaman and neopagan, geeky, and outdoorsy. I make stuff out of animal remains, beads, and other such things as part of my spiritual practice (and FWIW, I am 100% European mutt, so none of my work can be considered Native American). I'm also entirely self-taught; I took a few art classes in high school and college, but they were really basic and dealt more with traditional media like painting and drawing.

I sell most of what I make; if you're interested in what's currently available, please wander over to (you can also find my books on pagan and magical topics there, too!)

I created :iconnothingbuttails: and :iconpaganritualtools:.

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Current Residence: Portland, OR
Personal Quote: Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Hey, everybody! So Curious Gallery 2015 WILL be happening! However, if you want to get your wunderkammer dose sooner than that, we’ve been invited by the organizers of Portland GEAR Con to run a cabinet of curiosities-inspired track this year! GEAR Con, Portland’s one and only steampunk convention, will be happening July 4-6, 2014 at the Portland, OR Doubletree Hotel, and will be featuring a variety of entertainment, programming, vendors, and more. Not sure what steampunk is? GEAR Con is holding a one-day preview sampler onSunday, April 27, at the Doubletree Exhibition Hall, the same place Curious Gallery happened (more info at…)

So what are we looking for programming-wise? Panels, workshops and other programming reminiscent of what we featured at Curious Gallery are welcome, and of course you’re encouraged to weave in the steampunk influence as well. What happens, for example, when steampunk and taxidermy meet? How might a cabinet full of Victorian medical equipment and specimens inspire tales of another world where tinctures and strange devices are the height of working medicine? Do cabinets of curiosity have to be all about the “real world”, or can you create one based on the brass-and-gears science fiction of steampunk?
These are just a few of the ideas you could run with–your creativity’s the limit! If you would like to be a presenter at GEAR Con (whether in our wunderkammer track or not), the programming submission form is located – if you want to run an idea by the organizers to see how they like it, their email is

If I were to offer workshops (for a reasonable fee) online, such as on Second Life or a chatroom, what of the following topics would interest you the most? (Am also planning in-person workshops here in Portland.) 

34 deviants said Individual topic workshops on animal totemism and other animal spirits/spirituality
25 deviants said Individual topic workshops on skin spirits and spiritual work with animal parts
19 deviants said Ongoing classes in therioshamanism (my personal shamanic path)
18 deviants said More than one of the above (please comment)
10 deviants said Individual topic workshops on shamanism and related practices in general (journeying, shapeshifting, etc.)
5 deviants said Individual topic workshops on other pagan and related topics such as some of those listed at…
3 deviants said Something not listed here (please comment)



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SollinFaolan Apr 11, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm not sure if this same thing is happening on everyone else's computers or accounts or not but did you know your book "A Field Guide To Otherkin" is selling for 828.23 dollars 'new' and 209.54 dollars 'used' on It might be a pricing error from the website itself but I remember when I bought my digital version of the book it wasn't over 30 dollars at the most, from the same web site. Is that accurate pricing? or is Amazon doing something they shouldn't be doing? XD (Is there a better place you could offer to purchase the book for future reference? Like an etsy account?)
I guess you missed the post about how I pulled it permanently out of print last year:…

Since it was never a very widely available book in the first place, what copies are left are priced higher due to scarcity. It happens to most harder to find out of print books there.
SollinFaolan Apr 11, 2014  Student General Artist
no, i did not see that last year. (I don't think I knew about your account or books last year to be honest haha) thank you for informing me and my apologies for appearing like a fool on your account ^^" I was honestly unaware of that bit of information and I apologize as well if this was a repeat of something you've probably explained countless times before in the past.
S'okay. I get people asking me about the crazy prices every so often and a lot of people don't realize what's actually going on.
(1 Reply)
thanks for faving my Beautiful Deformity cake a while ago :dance:
I had a long look at your gallery, so I see why you might like it :) and I must say your wings are amazing!
also, it seems what you do makes people very emotional, so let me add my 3 cents too: I don't understand how you can be criticied so much by a society (I mean all of our western culture) that is more than happy to wear leather shoes, bags, even made leather seats in their cars a symbol of wealth and status. is it just because you use wolf instead of cow? or is it because there is still fur? I'm not very 'green' but I hate to see things go to waste so I really like your way of reusing what would normally be thrown away, and by my logic, this is as 'green' as it gets
You're welcome!

I thnk it's because people see cows as food and therefore the hides are a byproduct of something we need to survive, whereas we don't eat foxes or coyotes and so some people see their deaths as completely unnecessary.
well yes, but you say on your profile that you don't kill them just to use hides and I saw that you also answer people asking where you got them. so it seems they jump to conclusions without checking it.  they should do their homeworks better...
It's a shame, isn't it? Curiosity needs to be a greater force in our culture.
(1 Reply)
xilethegunner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your artwork is amazing! At first, it broke my heart seeing so many of your works being made of dead animal pieces, (Congrats, however. I'm almost never negatively effected in such a way by anything on the internet. Because i'm a man! A MANLY man!) until I realized that it was all repurposed. Although that makes it a bit better, I still can't quite shake that feeling. I'm not trying to say its your fault though! Although, I still don't quite know if I'd be able to wear a mask made from the face of a dead coyote... 
Many thanks, both for the compliment, AND for engaging with my work beyond your initial reaction :)
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